Current Openings

Please click here to see a complete listing of job openings in North Carolina and South Carolina, and/or apply for a position. In addition to these open positions, at this time we also have immediate openings for Direct Suppport Professionals (DSP).

The DSP staff assist people supported in all aspects of community living and work, enabling them to be as independent as possible. DSPs also assist people supported to become a part of the community by living in their own home or apartment and working in the community where they live.

Some of the essential duties of DSPs include: 

Assisting with assessing each person receiving services for their hopes, dreams and desires and then providing support that facilitates that achievement.
Educate the person supported on skills needed to be more independent in their own environment. Helping them gain or maintain skills such as: housekeeping, personal care, money management, meal preparation, social development, health, safety, employment and connecting with their community,
Facilitate person centered approaches, maintain positive relationship with person receiving services, their family and other team members,
Accurately complete all required documentation, including, but not limited to, shift notes/events, goals, medication administration, money management, medical information, accountability, etc.
Be an advocate for the person supported and assist them in developing necessary advocacy skills to speak for themselves.
Attend all specialized training offered by the program for the benefit of the person supported. Also, maintain compliance with all annual training as required by the Charles Lea Center.

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