Frequently Asked Questions

What is Case Management?

At the Charles Lea Center, our experienced and caring Case Management team helps men, women and children who are eligible for services, as well as their families, get the resources and care they need.
Case Managers work hand-in-hand with families to help them determine the best options and services for their loved one's needs.
      Charle Lea Center Case Managers CAN:

  • Assist the individual and family with planning services.
  • Assist the individual in accessing needed services.
  • Monitor the delivery of services to ensure they meet the needs and expertations of the person.
  • Assist the person in receiving issues of concern including: filing appeals, accessing complaint resolution processes, etc.
  • Maintain regular contact with the individual and/or faimily and involved service providors.
  • Organize respite services.

Do I Have To Pay for Case Management?

No, regardless of your family's income, Case Management services are provided by the South Carolina  Department of Disabiliies and Special Needs (DDSN). A Case Manager is required before someone can receive services from DDSN. Case Management providers are licensed by the state of South Carolina and are audited on a regular basis.

Can I Choose My Own Case Manager?

Yes, and there are many options. It is most important to you to select someone who you feel can best help your loved one. And, it is important to understand that you can change Case Managers, with no penalties, whenever you want.