Living Options - Residential Supports

Also referred to as "Inspire a Dream Residential Services", men and women reside in one of the more than 100 homes and apartments located throughout Spartanburg County that are owned and/or managed by the Charles Lea Center.
Residents receive care dependent upon their needs. Thanks to technology championed by the Charles Lea Center, these men and women can make a choice to live with limited care allowing them to experience independence in our group homes. However, we realize some people need and/or want more care and we provide that as well. 
We strive to have, or find, the living option that best meets someone’s wants and needs. Our mission is: 

If possibilities and dreams are true, CLC Residential Supports is the place for you. We live, we learn, we work and we play to help meet life's challenges everyday. Our mission speaks loud and clear, because we care is why we're here.

In addition, to better care for the men and women who receive services at the Charles Lea Center, we have an onsite medical center, WeCare. This clinic, which is operated by a Nurse Practitioner, works closely with our nursing staff to ensure everyone receives proper health care.

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Services Offered