Frequently Asked Questions

What is Early Intervention?

Simply said, Early Intervention works to help infants, toddlers and children (up to age six) who have developmental delays and/or special needs, reach their potential. Early Intervention is a free statewide service that includes several agencies. As every child is different, so are the services needed and the experienced Early Interventionists at CAN Do Kids can help families navigate through the system.

In addition, Early Intervention provides intensive developmental instruction for parents, families and/or caregivers. You are your child's first (and best) teacher and CAN Do Kids wants you to have the needed skills to help your child succeed. Your Early Interventionist will visit your home and provide family training as well as help arrange therapies and medical supports.


Why Early Intervention?

The first years of a child's life are a very important time which can affect how he/she performs in school. If your child has a developmental disability and/or special needs it is essential that you provide him/her with the extra services needed to thrive. Along with these services it is equally important for family members/caregivers to learn how they can best help their child.

How much does Early Intervention cost?

Nothing, regardless of your family's income.
Early Intervention services are mandated by federal law and are publicly funded through the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (DDSN). 

Why Can Do Kids?

As CAN Do Kids is part of the Charles Lea Center family, it has at its disposal extensive resources as well as experienced professionals on-staff including a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, an Executive Director who sits on many state committees and a Senior Director of Residential and Family Supports who has spearheaded many projects in which the latest technology was implemented in order to help improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and/or special needs.

While the Charles Lea Center is a large organization, CAN Do Kids has its own staff and offices. 

And, perhaps the most important reason - we love children and want to see them succeed!