Day Programs - The Focus of Day Services

The Focus of Day Services supports men and women in Spartanburg County who have various levels of physical, cognitive and intellectual disabilities and/or special needs. Focus falls under the category of Day Habilitation Services, which are aimed at assisting individuals with the acquisition, retention or improvement of self-help, socialization and adaptive skills in a non-residential setting.

The Focus program provides activities and curriculum developed to enrich the lives of all the individuals participating in Day Habilitation services. The goal is to offer enjoyable experiences that will socially, physically mentally and emotionally enhance the lives of those for whom we provide services. Activities are developed with the help of The Voice, a council comprised of people with intellectual disabilities and/or special needs. This group meets once a month to share their concerns about the activities, health and safety, corporate (Friday) events as well as the overall activity needs and wants of their peers. The activities and curriculum offered at Focus includes: art, music, recreation, computer lab, media, libary, Snoozelen/multi-sensory and assistive technology, The activities are coordinated in a way so they can be adapted to meet the specific needs of all individuals. All activities are expected to leave the participants feeling satisied and with a sense of accomplishment.

Within the Focus of Day Services, there are specialized areas developed to meet the more specific needs and desires of the individuals we support. For example, while all of the programs within Focus promote community inclusion to the fullest extent possible, some programs are almost fully community based whereas others are more facity based.

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Community Based Programs

Facility Based Programs