For more than 40 years, the Charles Lea Center has played an important role in the lives of thousands of Spartanburg county residents and today it continues to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, businesses and community members. The CLC grew from an organization geared towards helping children with disabilities to an organization committed to helping people of all ages with special needs throughout their life.

Our Mission
It is the Charles Lea Center's mission to be the organization committed to supporting people with disabilities and special needs where they live, work and play.

Our Pledge
1. We agree to consistently uphold and model our core values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence, Creativity, Teamwork, People and Quality Services.
2. We agree to share information that is clear, timely and relevant.
3. We agree to seek out and utilize talents, skills and experiences to accomplish our goals.
4. We agree to do what we say.
5. We agree to include all the right people.
6. We agree to collaborate and support one another.
7. We agree to establish realistic expectations and share responsibility.
8. We agree to celebrate our efforts and outcomes.

Our Values
We are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional behavior and are honest and ethical in all of our actions.
We walk the talk.
We do the right thing.
We are Honest plus Trustworthy plus Truthful.
We do what we say.

We respect one another by valuing our unique qualities and individuality and embracing our differences.
We treat each other the way we want to be treated.
We listen to each other.
We help each other.
We respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner.

We are for and about people as individuals.
We help people to have a good day.
We are all here to take care of the people we support.
We care.
We help people feel better.

We value the uniqueness of each person and support their desire to maximize their full potential.
The people we serve and their families are the reason we are here.
We treat everyone as a person.
Everyone at CLC contributes and shares in our success.
Everyone is important.

We work together to assure success in achieving common goals.
It is all about ‘we’ working together.
We share information about listen to each other.
We help each other.
We work together to make great things happen.

We promote innovation and value new ideas and experiences.
We encourage everyone to think outside the box.
We are flexible.
We encourage new ideas.
We welcome new ideas.

We provide the highest quality services, supports and products that are valued by our stakeholders.
We ask the people we serve what they want and then do the best to deliver it.
We make sure that the people we serve get the services that they were promised.
We listen to what others say.
We do what we say we will do.

We know ‘there’s a better way,’ and are committed to finding it or creating it …
We are always looking to get better at supporting the people we serve.
We want to make a difference in someone’s life.
We deliver on our commitments.
We demonstrate our values and behaviors every day.