CLC Consulting

CLC Consulting is based on an outcome driven approach focused on assisting organizations to improve their effectiveness in providing high quality customer driven services. We recognize that each organization has different needs and expectations that require a unique approach. Therefore, we incorporate a systems approach utilizing tools from an appreciative inquiry and organizational learning theory to begin the process of helping organizations identify their specific consulting needs. 

CLC Consulting is committed to being efficient, and effective in providing quality-consulting services that are individualized and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Services Provide

  • Leadership Development
  • Enabling Technology
  • Strategic Planning
  • Innovative Services
  • Development
  • Person Centered Thinking
  • Engagement Process

An initial telephone discussion will start the process to determine if the services available through CLC Consulting meet the needs of your organization. Once need is determined, a more detailed conversation will be scheduled to discuss your needs and expectations. This can be arranged through a face-to-face meeting or video conferencing. CLC Consulting will then submit a complete proposal with all associated costs for review and approval. CLC Consulting requires that the approval of the proposal be made by a person who has the financial authority to enter into contracts.

Members of the CLC Consulting team each have decades of experience working with men and women with developmental disabilities and at one point in their career have worked as direct support professionals. They also have extensive experience teaching at colleges/universities, as well as presenting at a variety of national and international conferences. CLC Consulting team members have provided assistance in various states including South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Colorado, Wisconsin, as well as Canada.

More Information
Our team is available to talk to you about our Innovative Services. For more information contact Charles Lea Center Chief Executive Office Jerry Bernard at (864) 562-2223,

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