WorkAbility Affiliate of the Charls Lea Center

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  • Customized Employment

    Customized Employment

    Employment opportunities for disabled individuals

  • Workshop


    Providing assembly, recycling, staffing & more

  • Clean Crew

    Clean Crew

    Janitorial services for businesses of all sizes

  • Enclaves


    Individuals, along with a staff member, work at your site



Simply said, at WorkAbility, businesses can find solutions to their outsourcing and employment needs with the assurance the job will be completed with special attention given to quality control and delivery deadlines.

Services include fulfillment, assembly, distribution, storage, and warehousing for many businesses, ranging from small clients to BMW suppliers. Our customers include manufacturing, distribution, and industrial companies.


The Charles Lea Center has 30 years of experience in providing work opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. For Workability customers this translates into exceptional customer service, outstanding work products as well a savings of time and money.

We have a dedicated workforce of more than 250 individuals – as well as the equipment and space to get the job done. Work can be completed at our 55,000 square foot facility or at your site. All projects are monitored to ensure we exceed your standards.


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WorkAbility Mission Statement

Workability will provide excellent customer service as it develops business partnerships that provide training opportunities that enables individuals with intellectual disabilities to successfully attain independent employment.