2018 - 2019 Board of Directors

Andy Peake  President
Susan Hodge Irwin – Vice President
Dr. Jeff Barker – Treasurer
Mary Worthy – Secretary

Dr. Jeff Cashman
Stewart Coates
Rex Cox
Brian Earnest
James Edwards
Elaine Freeman *
Scott Fleming
Carolyn Harbison
Richard Hollis
David Howell
Craig Jacobs
Ken Kuenzli
Deputy Chief Jennifer Kindall
Doug Lea
Joyce Lipscomb
Dr. Tom McDaniel*
Mary Etta McCarthy *NV
David Moore
Elizabeth Patterson *NV
John Poole *
Michael Porter
Paul Pruitt
Cheryl Somerset
Emily Tallon
Chief Alonzo Thompson
Bill Walsh *NV
Maria Williamson
Barry Zachary

* An asterisk next to a name means a Life Member
* A NV after an asterisk at the end of a name means they are Non-Voting Member